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$1500 Tax Credit with Our Energy Efficient Windows

Ask us how you can get a huge tax credit for making your new windows more energy efficient. Give us a call right now.

One of the single best ways to improve the appearance and increase the value of your home is by replacing the windows. But why wait. Replacement window costs are surprisingly reasonable, certainly worth enjoying yourself instead of waiting until you need or want to sell and letting someone else enjoy your replacements.

If you have an older home with wood framed windows, you are probably losing a lot of energy through the glass and through air leaks around the frame itself. You can replace the windows with new wood sashes, but you may want to look at insulated aluminum or at the today’s most popular replacement window, the vinyl framed replacement window. These are easy to install, according to most reviews, can be ordered in almost any color, and are maintenance free once they have been installed.

Many manufacturers make windows although the most popular names are probably Pella and Anderson. Whether you buy for the name or look for a bargain, you’ll want to be sure that you get the modern Energy Star rating windows with double or triple glazing and argon or krypton gas between the layers. You also want the glass to have a Low-E coating to reflect summer sun out and winter heat in. And once you have cleaned your windows the first time, you’ll be thanking yourself if you purchase a tilt wash type which makes it easy to clean the windows from the inside.

The least expensive, as well as most popular replacement windows are the vinyl replacements. They are water proof, never need painting, and unless they are in very intense, direct sun, they will not fade or discolor. However you can also purchase fiberglass and vinyl clad wood as well as either aluminum or wood.

One big reason to install new windows for yourself is not only the energy savings, but also the savings in time and effort on your part. You will quickly discover that modern windows are both safer and more convenient to clean. The bright, sparkling glass will sharpen the outer appearance of your house and add more light and clarity inside as well.

Windows don’t need to be square

21st century advantages of new windows include the fact that windows no longer need to be flat and square or rectangular. With some minor alterations, you might be able to put in bow or bay windows. If you have a large window space, you might consider palladian windows or windows with sidelights. You can also take advantage of patterns of frosted glass or even sections of stained glass. Today’s windows are as creative as the folks who invent them and the technology that makes them possible.

How does one know what to choose?

There are almost as many choices in replacement windows as there are houses. When you start looking, you will soon find that most major building supply stores or distributors carry common name brands, but may have their own prices and sales. So there is lots of opportunity for competition shopping. If you aren’t sure of what type of window to install, it might be a good idea to talk to a contractor or home design professional. Even if you are capable of installing them yourself, a professional architect will be able to look at your home and tell you what won’t work as well as give you tips that will make the job easier. If you are changing the shape or redesigning the original window opening, it may be especially important to consult with someone who can make sure that your idea will work. Not only that, but a professional can use computer simulation programs to show you some options you might not have considered.

If you are hiring someone to install your windows, make sure you ask lots of questions. Know–before the work starts–how long it will take, what the cost will be, who will honor a warranty, whether the local dealer will cover defects, and who will show up to repair any problems if they do happen. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. Professionals will have a list of satisfied clients who will be happy to demonstrate their new windows for you.

Third Party Certification

The best windows are certified by a national rating council known as NFRC. The dealer should be able to give you the certification information on any windows you may be considering. You can also look for the AAMA Certification which indicates a high performance standard on residential windows.